Rene P. - TX
 My little dog (Bitsy -- 15 years old) was having a hard time getting around especially in the mornings. Her hips would just not move very well and she wouldnt eat because of the pain she was experiencing. We started her on Companion60 (she had been on other meds before Companion60) and as a result she is feeling better now than on previous meds weve tried. Those other meds were for pain, causing her to sleep all the time -- she is no longer on those other meds. Now, Bitsy is walking in the afternoons like she did before and is moving so much better. Her appetite is better and she seems to have more energy. I started giving Companion60 to her every day now instead of every other day. So glad you suggested this for her!  
Rosi C. - TX
 Yip is our older Chesapeake Retriever mix dog, who was invited to participate in the study for your supplement. He was experiencing some of the usual problems associated with old age, such as stiffened joints, decreased mobility, and pain. He was able to get around, but at times, preferred to stay right where he was rather than to get up and move around when the other dogs in the pack did. Often, when hed get up, he seemed to struggle, indicating pain and discomfort. We started Yip on Companion60 and as time progressed I noticed that he not only was getting up every time I took the rest of the pack out, but he was coming along with us, as well. He is now much more interested in going outside and that is a really big change from his just lying there, watching us leave and not offering to get up. I am so pleased with the changes I see in Yip. I know we cant turn back the clock -- he still walks with a limp, which I dont expect to change, but the good news is that hes walking much more and with much more pep in his step. He seems to be so much more comfortable. His blood work has also improved. His albumen and ALT were far out of the normal ranges, but each is within normal now. His cholesterol is still out of the normal range, but is significantly better than when we began monitoring these numbers. Some good changes are going on inside, as well. I am very grateful to you for the opportunity to participate in this study. It has given me back a lot of the life I enjoyed in my old dog, as well as made him much more comfortable and able to participate. We are all winners here. I very much appreciate what your supplement has done to help our old boys quality of life. 
Billie M. - OK
 This is Billie from Billies Health Food Center. My dog Zeke has taken the last of your formula yesterday. We are out. Garry said today, in their mile-long walk, Zeke ran the whole way instead of stopping and starting. Garry couldnt keep up with him! Zeke is barely limping, if at all, and as a real bonus, the spongy lumps on his body are 3/4 the size they used to be before starting Companion60! We are amazed! Zeke is more rambunctious than ever. You have given us our puppy back! I kid you not, he only has 2 lumps left and Garry and I both think they are smaller than yesterday. Is that possible? All Zeke wants to do is play! Simply amazing! If you need a human test subject, Im ready. Im ready to play like my puppy! Lol!  
T. S. - OK
 I am a vet student in the mid-west. I have an Australian Shepherd, Jack, that loves to play frisbee and has been my running partner for over 5 years. Jack is now 9 years old and was showing signs of slowing down, by only making about 5 passes of frisbee throwing before becoming winded. He then began exemplifying signs of arthritis in his right front carpus by limping after playtime and licking in the evenings. After starting the formula, immediately our frisbee playtime was noticeably better by lasting longer and he seemed to run harder. This has only increased daily. After 2 weeks on the formula, he has not limped or licked. Im thrilled with the results, and how quickly he improved! Thank you so very much!!!  
Dr. William LeMay - OK
 After a two week regimen on Companion60, I have observed the following changes in performance: my dog, Bella, can stand from a laying posture with no difficulty. She can ascend stairs without hesitation, bounding with even strides as she did 5 years ago. Bella can now attend a walking session with vigor lasting up to five miles before showing signs of fatigue. I have not observed any undesirable side affects to report at this time. Bella has been consuming this product for more than three months now. **Bella had previously been having problems with basic mobility on all of the referenced points**  
Holly H. - TX
 Companion60s results have been jaw-dropping and spirit-lifting for me and my dog Trixie. Trix is a 14 year-old boxer/pit mix breed. In July of 2013, she blew out her left knee. After consultation with a surgeon, I decided that the recommended operation would not be beneficial for her quality of life. Instead, she started on Rimadyl (50 mg a day), an anti-inflammatory medication. She wasnt as spry and playful after the injury. One of Trixies favorite pastimes is looking out the front room window -- to do this requires her to perch her front paws on a chair, as the window is high off the ground. After the injury she wouldnt/couldnt do it. I tried putting a rug there for traction and a padded mat there for cushion -- nothing worked. Then came the blessing that is Companion60! Within 2 hours of her first loading dose, Trixie was at the window just like before the injury! It was a total transformation! Trix stayed on the serum for maintenance and it was great to see her move with pep again. 
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