LivePet, LLC is a life science company oriented to all types of mammals. The founders of LivePet, LLC truly believe in the axiom of improving life by using nature’s chemistry.  Consistent with this philosophy, LivePet, LLC centers much of its product development around lipo fullerenes, mainly Carbon60.

Dogs play a central role in the LivePet, LLC family.  The American Heart Association has also weighed in on this, for those who want to reduce their risk of deadly heart disease. Dogs, besides being, great companions will generally make their families more active and less susceptible to the effects of stress.

LivePet, LLC’s managing member has rescued thirteen Greyhounds and over ten dogs of various mixed breeds.  In several cases, the dogs were over 8 years old and weighed over 100 pounds.  As a company, we fully understand the physical and emotional strain when a family member suffers declining health.  Our product, Companion60, is designed to enhance the immune system and ease those pains. Companion60 is a supplement that will fight inflammation and reduce much of the soft and cellular tissue damage caused by inflammation, without any observed or reported negative side effects. Companion60 is also a potent antioxidant (270 stronger than vitamin C) that assists in the elimination of free radicals that are responsible for accelerated aging and cellular damage.

Our earlier posting discusses the genesis of Carbon60. It is 60 carbon atoms combined into one molecule.  Carbon60 is a natural molecule. These articles referring to NASA’s discovery of Carbon60 in space exemplifies how abundant the molecule is in our world and beyond.

LivePet, LLC has researched Carbon60 for several years and spent the last three years conducting laboratory and clinical trials testing our compound, Companion60, that includes Carbon60. The results of LivePet, LLC’s extensive testing showed a significant reduction in inflammation with no negative side effects. Companion60’s reduction of cytokines, which are an indication of inflammation, exceeded the reductions published by its major competitors.

Inflammation is responsible for many immune problems within suffered by mammals. It is better explained in the published editorial of September 27, 2004 in The Journal of Inflammation.

Consistency in quality raw ingredients and production methods are essential to the success of any formula. LivePet, LLC uses a proprietary processing method that ensures the most effective bonding of lipids and Carbon60. Other all natural ingredients are combined with Carbon60 in LivePet, LLC’s proprietary formula, Companion60, to achieve a synergistic effect that maximizes its benefits with no negative side effects. Consistency is our mantra.

We hope Companion60 will provide your companion with a better quality of life and a renewed interest in favorite activities. LivePet, LLC is dedicated to improving the long term health of our most beloved companions.

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.” – Albert Schweitzer